the next logical step

I absolutely loved the time lapse light art. However, I wanted to create something that people could hold, touch, and interact with. So a box was made with an LED light strip attached. I then cut a pattern out of some 1/8th inch scrap birch. This does a couple of things. One is it creates the overall pattern of the piece. The second is the diffraction of the light. When light is diffracted it's wave components become apparent. Therefore the light pattern is multiplied to a certain degree. Add those up and endless combinations are possible. After the light is diffracted the plexiglass was placed at the desired location for the proper effect. 

Over and over in the process I'm reminded of the flow. Each step leads to the next. And each step provides the springboard or stumble for the next one forward. It's all a flow, you just have to find it and jump in. 

The Beginning

In starting this blog I thought it would be fitting to go back to the beginning. The time when the obsession with working with light creatively began. It started when I sat my glass of water down in the shop one afternoon in 2011. The light was shining directly through the window in the early evening hours. The light refracting through the blue mason jar filled with water created a projection on the bench top that was absolutely mesmerizing. I knew then that I needed to explore this.  Over the course of the next few months I discovered that only an LED light source would work. So the first direction involved long exposure photography. I gathered and purchased every small LED light source I could find. Most were various flashlights with different colors and white color temperatures. The pictures you see were done with a 4 second exposure using an empty shot glass with a red / white flashlight shining through the end. And so it began...